State of Education Address: A Call

9 Mar

The Budget of the GoI has always been the highlight of the economic calendar of the year. Weeks before there is hectic lobbying by business groups to get their point of view incorporated, then economic forecasters join in to predict first the statistics that will reveal teh state of the nation in the Economic Survey, and after that to predict the changes in fiscal policy announced in the budget. Then of course that, the analysis and the hectic lobbying to get certain changes rolled back. The budget is so important that the entire session of parliament is called the Budget session. While the budget has lost much of its centrality, and rightly so after the ‘licence raj’ was semi dismantled, it still remains an event.  

I would really like to see this for Education too. 

An Annual State of Education In India address to parliament. 

To see a vision for the long term laid out, for volunteers, activists and the core sector to believe in and build towards

To see a plan for the next few years set out, so that the sector knows how to align with the plan and whether they want to work towards filling the gaps in the plan

To see and hear reports on each education initiative, scheme, program and mission, so that we know what to celebrate, and where we need to offer support. 

To see an accounting of expenditures and investments in the sector, and enough granularity so that analysts can make meaningful interpretations. To see this done in a transparent manner.. all government programs, especially to scale cannot always be complete successes. An honest attempt to learn from failure, from stumbles helps everybody. And this is the chance to celebrate success. 

To see and hear what is being done with and for all the stakeholders – the students, the teachers, the administrators, the parents, the owners of educational establishments etc.

To see the direction of progress on collaborations, including foreign institutions,  PPP projects, and guidance for further such adventures.

And most importantly, to see the evolution of the sector via a balanced scorecard that assesses progress along the national strategy for Education. 

Of course, before that, I would like to see a National Strategy for Education, a strategy that defines the vector and allows all stakeholders and interested parties to join in building the nation via education. 

And the State of Education address to celebrate progress on the Strategy, and to plan ahead. 



This was published in the Times of India blogs on March 6, 2013 and is linked here and 


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